American Spirit – Swiss Precision
Hamilton’s 120 year history – from its beginnings in Lancaster in the USA to Biel, Switzerland’s watchmaking capital – has been a long and eventful journey. Today, highlights from Hamilton’s pioneering role in the worlds of aviation, cinema, electric and digital technology shape the collection combining the brand’s American spirit  with modern Swiss technology.

For more than six decades Hamilton has attracted innovative minds with eye-catching shapes, unique designs and the use of modern materials to craft both a collection and iconic brand. Having appeared in countless Hollywood blockbusters, Hamilton has created a tradition of integrating its signature styles with epic storylines ranging from Stanley Kubrick’s futuristic 2001: A Space Odyssey to action stand-outs Die Hard and the fan-favorite Men In Black trilogy.

Hamilton has been timing the skies since 1919, when the pioneering pilots of the era put their trust in the precision of its watches and navigation instruments. In addition to keeping the first American airmail service on track, Hamilton became the official watch of TWA, Eastern, United and Northwest in the 1930s. Adventure joined accuracy as these instruments demonstrated their unrivalled expertise «co-piloting» expeditions with destinations as challenging as the South Pole, and partnering the first American coast to coast air services which took commercial flying into the modern age. Today the brand is partner to a variety of international aviation events and has Nicolas Ivanoff, the leading French aerobatic pilot as its ambassador.