L’Epee 1839

For 175 years, L’Epée has been at the forefront of watch and clock making. Today, it is the premiere manufacture in Switzerland dedicated to making high-end clocks. L’Epée was founded in 1839, initially to make music box and watch components, by Auguste L’Epée, who set up the business near Besançon, France. The L’Epée hallmark was that all parts were made entirely by hand.

Keen to enrich its know-how, the L’Epée Manufacture started producing platform escapements for prestigious alarm clocks and carriage clocks from 1850. This was a key turning point in the company’s development. During these first few decades, the L’Epée Manufacture decided to diversify by producing other mechanical movements for both clockmaking (precision instruments, for example) and associated industries.

1975 marked a major turning point for the Manufacture. New company directors reoriented production to focus on the design and creation of luxury clocks and carriage clocks. L’Epée 1839 went on to develop a collection of exceptional desk clocks, including a sophisticated range of classic carriage clocks, contemporary models (Le Duel) and minimalist avant-garde models (La Tour). The L’Epée creations feature complications such as retrograde seconds, power-reserve indicators in the form of animated logos, perpetual calendars, tourbillons, chiming mechanisms and more, all designed and produced in-house. The very long power reserves and remarkable finishes of these creations have become brand signatures.