If we can imagine it, we can make it

Innovative design and high-tech scratch-resistant materials are the essential distinguishing marks of the Rado brand.

As a leader in the top-of-the-range market, Rado has become famous throughout the entire world for its research into materials science.

It is the use of sapphire, ceramics, and even high-tech diamond that creates the strong, unique character of the Rado watch.

Rado’s design concepts draw their inspiration from the intrinsic qualities of the materials used. For Rado, form is intimately linked to more intangible values, and the brand is as ever committed to the quest for outstanding new ideas. This philosophy of surpassing oneself and of constantly pushing the boundaries of possibility has been rewarded with numerous international design prizes.

Since 1957, Rado’s story has been marked by a prodigious number of pioneering innovations. The brand continues to develop new materials and the new technology required to shape them.  Hardness and durability remain key material requirements, while practicality and wearer comfort are the focus of Rado design. .